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Choose from our most popular tests tailored for our customers with the best price and quality. We care for your health!

Pet Scan
MRI Brain Scan
CT Scan Brain
HRCT Chest
MRI Scan Spine Lumber
Ultrasound Abdomen
Xray Chest
Ultrasound Kub/Kidney

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Top selling tests

Choose from the list of top-selling tests tailored for you. We care for your health!

PET Scan

PET scan may detect the early onset of disease before other imaging tests can.

Starting @ Rs.9600

Ultrasound Whole Abdomen

Ultrasound is used to study the development of an unborn baby, abdominal and pelvic organs and blood vessels.

Starting @ Rs.999

Semen Analysis

A semen analysis is used to find out causes of infertility in men.

Starting @ Rs.330

X ray chest PA View

The chest X-ray is frequently used to aid diagnosis of acute and chronic conditions in the lungs, bony thoracic cavity, mediastinum and great vessels.

Starting @ Rs.345


Echocardiography or ECHO, is a painless test that uses sound waves to create moving pictures of your heart.

Starting @ Rs.1600

MRI Scan Knee Joint

MRI Knee provides detailed images of structures within the knee joint, including bones, cartilage, and blood vessels, from many angles.

Starting @ Rs.2600


An ECG is a simple and valuable test. Sometimes it can definitely diagnose a heart problem. The electrocardiogram (ECG)...

Starting @ Rs.250

CT scan chest contrast

CT scan is commonly used to diagnose, stage, and plan treatment for lung cancer, other primary neoplastic processes involving the chest, and metastatic disease.

Starting @ Rs.4300

Customer Speak

Customers Speak Customer satisfaction is our prime focus. We would like to hear your comments about our service.

Mahesh TiwariMumbai

Highly recommend Netmeds. Recently got my MRI scan done for a very affordable price and the best part is that there was no waiting time. I received my reports on time and had a very positive experience using Netmeds services.

Ashok JainNew Delhi

Used Netmeds to book an abdominal ultrasound for my wife, first was unsure of the precautions to be taken before the test, the support team at Netmeds gave the right advise and also found the best labs near our home. It has been a very pleasant experience.

Rita JohnChennai

Availed CT scan using netmeds, rates were way cheaper compared to others. Entire procedure was very professional, and staffs were very caring. Recommended Netmeds to every one in my family too.

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