The abundance of flora in nature is indeed a blessing for humankind, being the primary source of food and sustenance, to lead a long, healthy life. Not only do plants provide a plethora of vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts that can be incorporated as part of a balanced daily diet but also supply flourishing leaves, which are edible, nutrient-dense and confer remarkable merits for wellness. These verdant foliage encompass myriad essential nutrients, including fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which supply immense health benefits such as bolstering disease resistance, facilitating smooth digestion, supporting mental capabilities, alleviating diabetes symptoms and revitalizing skin, hair.

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Of course, you are familiar with the luscious fresh fruit juices and cold-pressed vegetable concoctions infused with nuts and seeds, being sold in shops, cafes and bistros everywhere. However, thanks to the rapidly rising number of health-conscious individuals and holistic fitness enthusiasts nowadays, superfoods like wheatgrass, papaya, neem, aloe vera, moringa are also readily available in markets across the world, in the form of their leaf juices. Obtained by crushing the leaves to extract beneficial nutrients, then filtering, purifying the liquid residues and packaging them in clean bottles to retain their freshness, an array of salubrious green juices deck the shelves of grocery stores.

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So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab a bottle of any of these nutritious juices for your all-round healthcare needs, as you scroll through their marvellous wellness incentives which are illustrated in this infographic below.
Natural Drinks For Overall Health